New Cannibal Carna and Riot welcomed with a buy one get one sale

chaos and pain

Last month Chaos and Pain unveiled two reformulated supplements with new versions of its amino Cannibal Carna and its pre-workout Cannibal Riot. For Carna the hardcore brand has made a number of changes including a bigger dose of BCAAs, and for Riot it has swapped out DMHA and agmatine for isopropylnorsynephrine and the effective Vaso6.

This month Chaos and Pain has finally made its new and improved versions of Cannibal Carna and Riot available for purchase. They both have reasonable regular prices of $34.99 for Carna and $44.99 for Riot, however, to celebrate their launch the brand is running a pretty big sale.

Through until this coming Thursday, Chaos and Pain’s new Cannibal Carna and Riot are buy one get one free. There is no coupon required for the promotion, just visit, add two of either or both products to your cart, and you’ll get Carna for $17.50 each and Riot for $22.50.