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Simpler Ghost Size featuring just the creatines coming this spring

Ghost Creatine

Ghost Supplements has confirmed that a simpler, more cost-effective version of its powerful muscle building product Ghost Size, is on the way. It is similar to what the brand did with Ghost BCAA, which features a slightly less complex formula compared to Ghost Amino.

The upcoming spin-off is said to be kind of like Ghost Size but with only the creatines. That should mean it’ll have 5g of creatine per serving, half of that from creatine monohydrate and half creatine HCl, with none of the other muscle and strength building ingredients.

While we don’t imagine the Ghost creatine will be as effective as Ghost Size, it will be an excellent option for those looking to save money. We don’t know the price of the supplement just yet, but we expect it to have a lot lower value than Ghost Size’s price of $32 for 30 servings.

According to Ghost, its creatine isn’t actually all that far away from release. The brand plans on officially launching the product sometime this spring, which is sometime between late March and late June.