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Performax Labs reveals its stimulant heavy StimMax formula


Performax Labs’ highly anticipated, stimulant heavy pre-workout StimMax is less than a month away from being released. To ensure everyone knows just how intense the supplement is going to be, today the brand has shared the full list of ingredients for the product.

What is it

As previously confirmed, Performax Labs StimMax is a pre-workout supplement intended to be a more intense combination of improved energy and mental focus. That is slightly different from the brand’s other, top-rated competitor HyperMax, which delivers on enhanced performance and muscle pumps, as well as energy and focus.


The ingredients Performax Labs has gone with for StimMax certainly suggest it will come through on its promise of an intense mix of energy and focus. The formula combines a number of features we’ve seen in other pre-workouts, but most importantly, they’ve all been dosed quite well.


The list includes the previously confirmed ingredients choline bitartrate at 2g, 400mg of caffeine, 200mcg of huperzine A, 30mg of Noopept, and 25mg of sceletium tortuosum. The other features are 75mg each of higenamine and hordenine, 250mg of the always exciting eria jarensis, and another 250mg of the new stimulant Dynamine.


According to Performax Labs, its powerful looking StimMax is due to launch within the next couple of weeks. It is expected to be available for pre-order next week through the brand’s website, where Stack3d Insider subscribers can get 25% off everything.