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Anastasis LAX Review: Relax and power down whenever and wherever

Earlier today we dropped our review of the very effective Anastasis supplement Konnect, which delivers in all the areas a nootropic can. We also figured it’d make sense to share our review of the new and upcoming brand’s other product, the relaxation and sleep formula LAX.

While Konnect is designed to help you get things done, Anastasis LAX is built to essentially do the opposite, and be taken whenever you need to relax. The two supplements are actually a system of sorts, one to get you up, moving, and productive, and the other to calm and power you down.

anastasis lax review


For those interested in the ingredients behind Anastasis LAX, we’ve added its official facts panel above. Like with Konnect, LAX features a fully transparent label so you know how much of each feature you’re getting per serving. The formula includes a handful of highlights such as a gram of GABA, 100mg of phenibut, and 300mg of ashwagandha.


For our review of LAX, we decided to keep things simple and use the product at night, an hour or so before sleeping. The first thing we noticed is that the supplement does indeed help you relax, both mentally and physically. The effect stands out most after actually taking an energy and focus product like Konnect, as the comedown is much more obvious.

anastasis lax review

The relaxation effect of LAX is coincidentally similar too Konnect and its ability to clear your head and improve concentration. With LAX, however, it helps clear your mind but not concentrate on anything, really forcing you to unload and power down. On the physical side, your body feels similar to your mind, just wanting to lie down and chill out.

One of the impressive benefits we noticed that comes with the relaxation of Anastasis LAX, is how that flows into getting to sleep. Because the supplement is a relaxer and not a sleep aid, it doesn’t exactly knock you out. Instead, it eases you to sleep, which has a much more natural feeling to it and is a nice change of pace compared to other products we’ve used at night.

anastasis lax review


Anastasis LAX is actually a kind of surprising supplement as a relaxation formula isn’t something we get to try all that often. Much like our experience with Konnect, the brand delivers exactly as advertised with LAX. The product reminds us a lot of Switch Nutrition’s Adrenal Switch, as that is also a relaxation formula that works in much the same way.