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NTel launches its equally intense Arez White replacement Arez Titanium

NTel Nutra recently released its Arez White and Arez Black combination, appropriately referred to as Mega Arez. The supplement made a lot of noise and quickly became the first big product launch for 2018. The brand is back again this month with another pre-workout, although this time it is a replacement for the original Arez White.

What is it

After being on the market for about a year, Arez White has now been discontinued and replaced by a new supplement called Arez Titanium with emphasis on the word “TITAN”. For the sequel, NTel Nutra has reworked its Arez White formula, although the overall goal is still the same, with the pre-workout aiming to deliver a mix of increased energy, focus, and muscle pumps.

arez titanium


To take care of the pump and performance benefits in Arez Titanium, NTel Nutra has carried over a handful of ingredients from Arez White. The product still features the performance enhancer beta-alanine at 3.2g per serving, the same half a gram of agmatine for pumps, and three times as much citrulline at 3g.

In the area of stimulants for increased energy and focus, Arez Titanium packs a combination just as intense as Arez White. There are the hard-hitting ingredients eria jarensis at 75mg per serving, juglans regia at 175mg, and caffeine at 350mg. Also in the mix to further help with energy and focus is 30mg of synephrine, 250mg of choline bitrate, 10mg of hordenine, 2.5mg of rauwolfia, and 200mg of PEA.

arez titanium


The full formula behind Arez Titanium certainly suggests the supplement is going to provide a pre-workout experience similar, or possibly even better than Arez White. NTel Nutra had already built a very strong name in the competitive pre-workout category with Arez, something that Titanium is likely to strength even further.

Where to buy

If you like the look of Arez Titanium, there are already a couple of places you can go to purchase the latest from NTel Nutra. The retailer Suppz is one, as well as the brand’s own website, both of which have the product priced at $39.99 for a 25 serving tub, and both you can get discount on through Stack3d Insider.