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Beast launches multiple stacks that can save Insiders around 35%

beast sports

If you’re a fan of Beast Sports and prefer to buy all of your stuff direct from the brand, then you’re going to like its latest update. Like a lot of other supplement companies out there, Beast now has stacks available on its website that are automatically discounted.

The brand’s stacks have between three to five different products in them, but more importantly, they can save you around 15%. There are five to choose from including the Beast Shredded Stack of Super Sauna, BCAA Ripped, and 2 Shredded, and the Ultimate Beast Stack of Mass, Creature, Super Test, Beast Mode Black, and BCAA.

To make the whole update even better, Beast Sports’ new stacks all work with our exclusive Stack3d Insider code. Those subscribed to the program will know the code gets you 20% off everything on the brand’s website, so when combined with the automatic stack discount you’re looking at a total saving of around 35%.

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