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Major changes taking place as Dynamik Muscle heads in a new direction

dynamik muscle

Kai Greene’s supplement company Dynamik Muscle is currently refocusing and heading in a different direction for 2018, which is bringing a number of changes to the brand. The whole thing started moving last month when Dynamik Muscle dropped supplement prices on its website to $35 or less, except for its larger protein formulas.

Dynamik Muscle has confirmed this week that there is a bit more to the change in direction than just lower prices on its supplements. The brand is actually going through a massive overhaul that will include the introduction of new products, more apparel, and exclusive content from Kai Greene himself.

Other essential details worth highlighting are that fans will start to see more promotions being run through Dynamik’s website, and for good reason. Moving forward the brand’s online store is, in fact, the only place you’ll be able to get its supplements in the US, as there is to be no more domestic distribution.

Dynamik Muscle will also be building a presence on the online retail platform Amazon, although it sounds like will still be the best place to go. International fans can of course order through the brand’s website, but it does sound like they’ll be seeing changes more locally as Dynamik Muscle is really pushing to expand its international distribution.

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