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Fusion’s One Punch pre-workout is here for pumps and energy

Fusion’s all-new pre-workout supplement One Punch has arrived after being previewed just over one month ago. The brand did previously drop a lot of information on the product, however, now that it’s launched we have everything you need to know about the latest from Fusion.

What is it

Like all good competitors in the pre-workout category, Fusion One Punch promises a long list of benefits and effects. It is designed to be an all-around style product delivering better muscle pumps, improved performance and endurance, delayed fatigue, muscle recovery, and increased energy.

fusion one punch


As far as the formula goes for Fusion’s One Punch, it features a rather straightforward combination of commonly used pre-workout ingredients. It is also worth pointing out that the ingredients have all been dosed pretty well, and the brand has kept things honest by given One Punch a completely transparent label.

Each serving of the new Fusion pre-workout is powered by five main ingredients and a handful of electrolytes to help with hydration. The main features per two-scoop serving are caffeine at a hefty 400mg, a gram each of taurine and aspartic acid, and the pump enhancers agmatine at 750mg, and citrulline malate at 8g with a 2:1 citrulline to malic acid ratio.

fusion one punch


Another major highlight Fusion if pushing for its One Punch pre-workout is its variety of sweet looking, zero sugar flavors. The brand has released the supplement with three different flavors to choose from in Sour Green Apple, Cherry Blaster, and the Bomb Pop inspired Rocket Pop.

Where to buy

Fusion One Punch is now available through the brand’s official online store at Through the site a 40 serving or 20 full serving tub will cost you $44.99 CAD (34.78 USD), although there is also the introductory triple pack with three tubs for the price of two, which works out to only $29.99 CAD (23.17 USD) per tub.