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Natural Nitro-Tech priced almost identical to the regular Nitro-Tech

nitro-tech natural

Muscletech’s all-natural Nitro-Tech protein powder is now available following its unveiling from a couple of months ago in January. The supplement is essentially just like the regular Nitro-Tech, featuruing the same blend of whey isolate and concentrate, it’s just naturally flavored with stevia and monk fruit.

One of the first places stocking Muscletech’s natural Nitro-Tech is the online retailer A full 4lb tub in either Chocolate or Vanilla will cost you $53.99, which is actually just short of $1.50 more than the regular Nitro-Tech. is also running a sale on Muscletech at the moment, giving you the chance to grab the new naturally flavored Nitro-Tech with a deal. For a limited time it is buy two get one free, so if you grab 12lbs of it, you’re only looking at $36 per tub.