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Another ketogenic supplement from Giant to be announced this week

giant sports

Giant Sports has announced that it is currently getting ready to add another item to its growing Giant Health line of products. The brand’s Health line is essentially its family of ketogenic supplements which includes its original Giant Keto as well as the likes of Keto Cocoa and Keto Coffee.

As per usual, Giant Sports has confirmed the coming of its next product with a covered up teaser image. All that we can really confirm at the moment is that the mystery supplement will be a ketogenic formula as like the brand’s Keto Cocoa and Coffee, the first word in its name is “Keto”.

Fortunately, Giant Sports is also going to keep things moving quite quickly and not leave fans in suspense for too long. The brand actually plans on unveiling its next new product later this week, so be sure to stay tuned if you’re interested in the latest ketogenic creation from Giant Sports.

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