StimMax officially launches with a VasoMax stack deal


Performax Labs long-awaited stimulant powered pre-workout StimMax, is finally here. Compared to the brand’s top five pre-workout HyperMax, StimMax is expected to be an experience more about delivering intense energy and focus as opposed to a more complete mix of effects.

Previously Performax Labs did have StimMax available for pre-order, and with an exclusive 25% off for Stack3d Insiders, working out to only $30 per tub. For the actual launch of the supplement, the brand has put together a slightly different deal that gets you a second product completely free.

The exact details of the deal are, buy StimMax at for $39.99 and get a free full tub of the stackable pre-workout VasoMax. It is the perfect pairing for those that want more than energy and focus, as VasoMax is primarily built to enhance muscle pumps as well as give you a bit more focus.

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