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Introducing The Ultra Human and its unique family of supplements

Today we’d like to introduce you to a brand called The Ultra Human, that doesn’t really follow the usual supplement company trends. The Ultra Human currently has just three products in its lineup; however, they’re not anything like you’d expect such as a pre-workout, fat burner, and protein.

The Ultra Human family of supplements consists of a nootropic formula named Tao, the ketogenic product Ultra Keto + MCTs, and the unique amino supplement Amino Code. The products have been designed to be simple to use and feature extremely clean formulas with no expense spared.

the ultra human

Ultra Keto + MCTs

The most straightforward supplement in The Ultra Human lineup is Ultra Keto + MCTs, as it is exactly what it’s title says. It brings together a ketogenic combination of 7.5g of MCTs, selenomethionine as a source of selenium, 2g of malic acid, vitamin B6, Himalayan pink salt, and lastly 15g of goBHB ketones.


The next product from The Ultra Human is Tao, which the brand describes as “a revolutionary state-of-the-art masterpiece in human functional technology.” It is a nootropic formula built to enhance mental focus, confidence, motivation, and productivity. You can see its full list of ingredients in the label below including Dynamine, TeaCrine, PurEnergy caffeine, and Infinergy dicaffeine malate.

the ultra human tao

Amino Code

The last supplement from The Ultra Human is easily its most interesting one with the amino formula Amino Code. The main feature of Amino Code is its 4.25g blend of EAAs that is said to provide optimum human muscle tissue recovery. The brand has also thrown in coconut water to improve hydration as well as a handful of high absorption mineral electrolytes.

the ultra human amino code

Where to buy

For more information on The Ultra Human and its three products, Ultra Keto + MCTs, Tao, and Amino Code, head to You can purchase any of the brand’s supplements through that site, as well as through Amazon where the products carry the same prices except for Ultra Keto + MCTS, which is a bit cheaper.

Through The Ultra Human’s online store and Amazon, Amino Code costs you $39.95 for 40 servings, with Ultra Keto best purchased on Amazon at $59.95. Tao is available in both locations for $69.95, although the brand’s site does have a couple of extra options including a single serving sample and a two box deal for $65 each.