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Pitbull and NTel want you to decide the look of Arez Pedigree

arez pedigree

Last month it was announced that Pitbull Labs and NTel Nutra would be coming together for an industry first type product. The two well-known companies have joined forces to create the ultimate pre-workout supplement, which as mentioned is not something we’ve ever seen before.

Pitbull Labs and NTel Nutra have now confirmed that their ultimate pre-workout is going to be titled Arez Pedigree, Dog Of The Gym. It combines the names of a product from each of their lineups with Arez being NTel’s family of pre-workouts and Pedigree being Pitbull’s upcoming creatine.

To go with the name announcement, Pitbull Labs and NTel Nutra have asked for our help in deciding the look of Arez Pedigree. It wants us to put it to a vote between the two radical designs pictured above. To have your say simply visit our Instagram page and vote through our current Instagram story.