Pitbull Labs Pedigree is more than your typical creatine supplement

Mar 28th, 2018
pitbull labs pedigree

After unveiling the supplement last month, Pitbull Labs has now dropped everything you need to know about its upcoming muscle builder Pedigree. As previously confirmed the product is a creatine based formula although being the brand that it is, Pitbull Labs has thrown a lot more into this one that just creatine.

What is it

Overall, Pitbull Labs Pedigree is a supplement designed to build muscle strength and size, and we now know it also helps with muscle recovery. It is essentially a supercharged creatine formula that’ll no doubt be quite appreciated by regular creatine users that are on the lookout for something different.


In total, Pedigree is powered by five main ingredients, the most important of which is the patented Outlast creatine. It is a new, unique form of creatine blended with palatinose to drastically enhance the absorption of creatine by as much as 50%.

In Pitbull Labs Pedigree, Outlast is dosed at 10g per serving supplying 3g of creatine alongside 2g of MagnaPower, for a combined 5g of creatine. You then have the muscle enhancer betaine anhydrous at 2.5g, CherryPure tart cherry at 480mg to improve recovery and repair, and lastly, 50mg of ActiGin to further boost recovery and performance.


According to Pitbull Labs, Pedigree is due to launch closer to the end of May. While that is still a couple of months away, it does sound like the product is worth the wait. It’ll be dropping in a Cherry Bomb flavor with 30 servings per tub, which is enough to last you a full month.