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Olympus Labs Catabolic State, for when you build too much muscle

olympus labs catabolic state

Most of the time when it comes to supplements, you’re looking for the ones that work more or better than others. In the case of Olympus Labs, it says that it products work so well that it has actually introduced a new supplement to offset all of the gains that you make.

Today, the brand has unveiled Catabolic State, a premium e-liquid formula designed to offset the effects of its products being too strong and effective. The idea is, when you’re building too much muscle or strength, you balance it out with Olympus Labs Catabolic State.

As entertaining as it would be to see a supplement like this released, we do believe this is another April Fools’ Day joke and a great one at that. Of all the Olympus Labs products we’ve tried, we can say they’re very effective, so there could be a demand for Catabolic State.

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