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Axis Labs is launching a pre-workout powered by TeaCrine and Dynamine

axis labs pre-workout

Axis Labs has announced that it’s launching an all-new pre-workout supplement later this year. It is said to be stronger than the its current pre-workout competitor Rainmaker, which actually features a pretty solid formula built for energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

As far as the formula goes for the upcoming Axis Labs pre-workout, only three of its ingredients have been revealed so far. Those ingredients are the pump enhancer agmatine, and the pair of stimulants from Compound Solutions, TeaCrine and Dynamine.

One of the main reasons Axis Labs has announced that it’s releasing a new pre-workout is that it has yet to name the product. The brand has, in fact, turned to its fans and is asking them for ideas on a name. Axis Labs is, of course, making it worth your while, as if it selects your name you’ll win a year’s supply of the pre-workout.

To submit your flavor ideas, head on over to the Axis Labs Instagram page and comment your name. The brand has also said, the current launch timeframe on its new and improved pre-workout is sometime in the month of August.