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Bulk Powders is debuting four all-new products at BodyPower

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While we are still a day out from the 2018 UK BodyPower Expo, news continues to come in on products that are debuting at the event. The latest announcement of something new being introduced at the expo comes from the UK bulk supplement company, Bulk Powders.

The brand has confirmed that at its BodyPower booth this year it’ll actually have a whole bunch of entirely new supplements. The first item is a delicious looking, soft baked, triple layered protein bar called Macro Munch. It is said to pack 20g of protein per bar with less than 3g of sugar and a total of 232 calories.

All of the other products Bulk Powders is going to have at BodyPower are a part of its revamped, compostable packaged, Vegan Series. There is going to be a straightforward, plant-based vegan protein powder, a vegan protein bar, and an all-in-one vegan recovery shake.

As mentioned, all of the above new Bulk Powders supplements are debuting this weekend at the BodyPower Expo in the UK. We are of course going to be coming to you live from the event and will definitely be stopping by to check out the latest from Bulk Powders.