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VPX drops pre-sale for Ketonz featuring BHB, Straight 8 and Super Creatine


VPX Sports has launched its long-awaited ketogenic supplement this week, which we have seen pictured and previewed many times before. The new product is Ketonz, a formula designed to induce and sustain ketosis with a slightly different mix of ingredients compared to what we’d previously heard.

According to VPX Sports’ product page for Ketonz, the supplement is powered by four main features. To deliver on the ketogenic side of things, the product includes a hefty 12g dose of BHB ketones per serving for sustained energy, as well as 4g of the premium, branded Straight 8, C8 pure caprylic acid.

The other half of Ketonz is where it offers benefits outside of a typical ketogenic product. Alongside the BHB ketones and Straight 8, the supplement packs electrolytes for better hydration and VPX Sports’ own Super Creatine, that is said to increase muscle protein synthesis and prevent muscle tissue breakdown.

Ketonz is now available for pre-sale directly through the VPX Sports website for the rather high price of $64.99 for a 20 serving tub. It does have multiple sugar free flavors to choose from, with a total of three in Black Cherry Vanilla, Citrus Twist, and Peach Mango.