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NTel Nutra CEO performs on a track with rapper Lil Wayne

ntel nutra ph4de

While there are certainly supplement company CEOs out there that are talented, the man behind NTel Nutra might have just raised the bar. The CEO of NTel Nutra is Landon Suggs, who others might know better as the successful hip-hop artist PH4DE.

PH4DE has recently earned himself a lot of attention as his music career was taken up a notch with the release of a track called “No Mercy”. It was produced by Forever M.C. and the EDM production duo “it’s different”, and includes performances from PH4DE as well as rapper Lil Wayne.

If you’d like to learn more about the NTel Nutra CEO’s musical side, you can do so through his website If however, you’d like to learn more about Landon Suggs and his increasingly popular supplement company be sure to check out

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