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Owner of Outbreak acquires NTel Nutra and promises exciting changes for 2021

ntel nutra new ownership

The last story we shared from NTel Nutra dates all the way back to December of 2019 with the release of its limited-edition, Christmas-themed flavor called Sleigher for its stimulant pre-workout. While the brand has been incredibly quiet over the past year, fans can expect some significant noise in the coming months in all areas of NTel Nutra.

The owner of the popular sports nutrition brand Outbreak Nutrition, has officially acquired NTel Nutra this week and has major plans for it over the next few months. Under the new ownership, the brand is essentially getting a complete revamp with an updated look to its strong selection of supplements, refreshed formulas, and an all-new, modern website.

While NTel Nutra will undergo many changes, it still plans to maintain its reputation of more advanced, premium supplements featuring reliable and effective formulas. More information on these developments, including the new branding and product updates, will be shared in the coming months as NTel goes through the revamp and relaunch process.

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