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Primeval’s Prim-ATP powered by creatine anhydrous and ElevATP


Primeval Labs first ever creatine supplement Prim-ATP has arrived and is now available for pre-order. Like most creatine competitors on the market, Prim-ATP is designed to help improve strength and performance, although unlike most of its competitors it doesn’t feature just creatine.

There are two main features in Primeval Labs’ new Prim-ATP, both included to improve your body’s ability to regenerate ATP. ATP is of course what your muscle cells use to perform in the gym, and with that better ATP production, the brand promotes benefits such as improved power and strength, enhanced endurance, and reduced fatigue.

As mentioned there are just two ingredients behind Primeval Labs Prim-ATP which are creatine anhydrous dosed at 5g per serving, and ElevATP at 150mg. The brand decided to go with creatine anhydrous as its only source of creatine instead of the more commonly used monohydrate and HCl, as anhydrous is one of the purer forms.

You can secure your tub of Primeval Labs’ new Prim-ATP by pre-ordering the strength and performance product through The brand’s website has it priced at a rather expensive $39.99 for a 30 serving tub, which is the same price per serving as our current favorite creatine supplement Ghost Size.

Prim-ATP comes in two different flavor options with Smash Berry and Island Fruit Punch. For those that do decide to pre-order Primeval Labs’ latest product, your order is due to ship in exactly one week from today on Friday the 25th of this month.