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Primeval Labs unveils its ElevATP infused creatine Prim-ATP


Primeval Labs has announced that it’s jumping into the creatine category very soon, something we’ve a number of brands do over the past few months. The brand’s entry into the revitalized category is Prim-ATP, and as you’d expect there is a little more to this one than just creatine.

While we haven’t been given a full look at the facts panel behind Prim-ATP, Primeval Labs has revealed two of its main features. To make it a creatine supplement Prim-ATP has 5g of creatine anhydrous to improve strength, and for performance support, it also includes 150mg of ElevATP.

Primeval Labs’ Prim-ATP is going to be released in powder form, with at least one great tasting flavor confirmed so far in Smash Berry. It’ll pack 30 servings per tub and is due to launch very soon with the brand’s website expected to be the first place with stock of the complex creatine first.