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Alpha Recovery Plus Review: Advanced serving delivers real recovery

alpha recovery plus review

Back in February, we got the chance to try out first hand, Promera’s unique recovery supplement Alpha Recovery Plus. It features an ingredient called Alpha-GEE which is said to reduce exercise-induced inflammation and lactic acid.

Unfortunately, after running the product for a straight month, we didn’t quite see the results we were hoping for. While a small amount of improved recovery was noticed, it was too insignificant to blame on Promera’s Alpha Recovery Plus.

Recently the brand decided to update the instructions for Alpha Recovery Plus to include a more advanced dose of two scoops on workout days, one during your workout and one after. It is said to provide even better recovery, so over the past few weeks, we’ve been putting that double serving style to the test.

alpha recovery plus review


Typically, double the dose of something that doesn’t work all that well, doesn’t usually play out how you’d think. In the case of Alpha Recovery Plus, however, it does. After just three days of using the product at its advanced amount, we actually noticed quite the change in muscle recovery.

In the days following intense workouts that would almost always elicit a painful response for us, Alpha Recovery Plus seemed to take away all muscle soreness. At first, it was only the fullness and all over muscle pain that disappeared, leaving spots of soreness in key areas. After about half a week that moved to full recovery, where the muscles didn’t feel sore at all.

alpha recovery plus review

The one thing we did notice about the recovery effect of Promera’s Alpha Recovery Plus is that it is just soreness that it clears up. Your energy levels won’t feel as recharged as your muscles, which by that we mean your body may seem fresh, but you’ll still feel extra tired and overworked if you workout more days in a row than you’re used to.

Lastly, we have to mention that the double serving does obviously turn Alpha Recovery Plus into a more expensive supplement. A full tub costs $34.99 for 10, two scoop servings, working out to $3.50 per workout. For us the benefits aren’t quite worth that amount, but if we didn’t have other products we preferred, it’s not a price we wouldn’t pay.


With that more advanced serving working wonders for us, we’re happy to say Alpha Recovery Plus does live up to its promises. If you were like us and didn’t find the single serving overly great, and still want to see what it’s like, grab another tub and try the double serving. As mentioned however that advanced dose does come at a high price, so definitely take that into consideration.

This supplement review is presented in partnership with Generation Iron