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Pre-Mium features the same formula as Granite’s original pre-workout

granite pre-mium

Yesterday John Meadows’ rebranded and slightly reformulated Granite Supplements lineup, officially relaunched through its website. Almost all of its revamped products were made available for purchase with the only one missing from the launch being its advanced pre-workout, Pre-Mium.

Granite has now revealed exactly what Pre-Mium is, so we all know what we’re currently missing out on. As previously confirmed, Pre-Mium is an advanced pre-workout formula that the brand has told us is simply a renamed version of its original pre-workout, Arc Reactor.

granite pre-mium

Pre-Mium will feature the same exact formula as Granite’s original Arc Reactor from its hefty 6g dose of pure citrulline right down to its strong 100mg shot of pure TeaCrine. We’ve uploaded the facts panel for Arc Reactor above to give you an idea on what Pre-Mium’s formula is going to look like.

Granite Supplements plans on making Pre-Mium available in roughly two to three weeks’ time. When it does eventually arrive you’ll be able to grab it from the brand’s online store at for $48.99 per 20 serving tub, with two tastes to choose from in Tangerine and Watermelon Burst.