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Granite finally unveils its revamped family of supplements

granite supplements

The first full look at John Meadows’ long-awaited, updated Granite Supplements lineup has arrived. It shows off the brand’s all-new look on its expanded variety of products, as well as confirms the supplements making up the new Granite family.

Firstly we’ll touch on Granite’s rebrand which is quite a big change from its original look. The design is a lot more modern and uniform than the previous one, with the layout and graphics now remaining consistent across all of Granite’s products, and only the information, names, and minor color accents separating them all.

As for the supplements that actually make up the updated Granite lineup, there is a total of seven. Almost all of the products compete in the same categories as the brand’s current products, with the names of the items all being switched to more self-explanatory titles.

Making up the revamped Granite Supplements are the intra-workouts Intra-Carb, Intra-Keto, and the “evidence based intra-workout” Recovery. The other four supplements are the pre-workout HyStim, the obviously named amino Essential Aminos, Joint Care, and the fat burner Thermo Burn.

Interestingly there is one product missing from Granite’s big unveiling, which is the previously previewed pre-workout Pre-Mium. We’re not sure what the exclusion of the supplement means, although it could just be that the brand didn’t have enough room in the picture.

Everything you need to know about each of products in the new Granite Supplements lineup is expected to release between now and the 18th of this month. That date is when the brand plans on making all of its products available for purchase, so expect to hear a lot from Granite over the next week.