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News Of The Week: Lobliner’s One-of-a-kind and a true protein packed pancake

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As per usual, a lot of exciting stories from the supplement industry dropped this past week here at Stack3d, most of which you don’t want to miss. Like we do every week, we’ve gathered up the top five posts from the past seven days to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the more interesting stories.

MTS Swolly is a one-of-a-kind supplement that powers up your protein

Marc Lobliner’s supplement company MTS Nutrition has dropped a truly, one-of-a-kind supplement called MTS Swolly. It combines leucine with two branded ingredients to power up your protein, and help you get more out of your post-workout protein shake or meal.

protein pancake

Never-before-seen protein pancake from the brand behind Nano BCAA

The brand behind the European amino supplement Nano BCAA introduced its unique new protein snack, simply named Protein Pancake. Believe it or not, the product is a pre-made, freshly baked, cream-filled pancake providing 16g of protein per pancake for only 136 calories.

Everything you need to know about Axe and Sledge Supplements

Seth Feroce finally revealed and released his exciting line of supplements from his brand Axe & Sledge. As promised Feroce has put together some top quality, no corners cut formulas with a total of five different products including the two pre-workouts, Ignition Switch and Fuel Pump.

redcon1 moab

Redcon1 unveils its very different muscle building supplement MOAB

Redcon1 continues to hit the headlines in 2018 with the introduction of its new muscle building supplement MOAB. The product brings together a combination of ingredients that we’ve never seen in any other supplement, combining epicatechin with solid doses of the leucine metabolites HICA and HMB.

Swole O’Clock CEO Collection inspired by its $250,000 Royal Swole

After unveiling its Royal Swole watch made with 1kg of 18k gold and available at the made-to-order price of $250,000. The bodybuilding watch brand Swole O’Clock has introduced its Royal Swole inspired CEO Collection, that’s not as featured filled but much more affordable.

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