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Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution gets a creative Miami Spring Break flavor

miami spring break cell-tech

For 2018 Muscletech has revamped its SX-7 Revolution Series with more concentrated servings and more competitive price points. There is however at least one product that hasn’t had its formula changed, with Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution keeping its original combination of fenugreek, leucine, prickly pear, and creatine.

While Muscletech has kept the formula the same for Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution, it has added something to the product. The brand has introduced an all-new flavor for its menu, which previously consisted of just the one option with Blue Cherry Fusion. Now sitting alongside that original flavor is the very unique recipe, Miami Spring Break.

Muscletech’s new Miami Spring Break Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution is due to be available at GNC locations soon, if not already. As mentioned, the supplement still features the same combination of ingredients as well as the same number of servings per tub with a total of 50.