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Vince’s Muscle Shop unveils Old Man’s Tune-Up for men who work

old man's tune-up

Vince’s Muscle Shop is a supplement retailer up in Columbus, Ohio, run by Vince Gazzara. The store stocks all kinds of brands from big names like Cellucor, Optimum Nutrition, and ProSupps, through to newer companies like Redcon1, Spazmatic, and Run Everything Labs.

Alongside all of the supplement brand’s, Vince’s Muscle Shop also has its own line of products that currently consists of just the one item. That item is the obviously named pre-workout, Vince’s Pre-Workout, which the retailer has now confirmed will soon be joined by another Vince’s Muscle Shop supplement.

vince's pre-workout

Sometime next month, Vince’s Muscle Shop plans on launching Old Man’s Tune-Up, a product that on its label says its “for men who work”. Despite its extremely basic and very different label design which is much the same as Vince’s Pre-Workout, Old Man’s Tune-Up features a pretty full formula with over 20g of active ingredients.

The upcoming Vince’s Muscle Shop release is an amino based supplement that packs a hefty 10g of EAAs per serving, with half of that being BCAAs. Alongside that you also get 3g each of acetyl-l-carnitine and d-aspartic acid, zinc, 100mg of DIM, boron, and a dose of pure citrulline bigger than some pre-workouts at 5g.

old man's tune-up

The combination of ingredients behind Old Man’s Tune-Up is actually both unique and quite well dosed. It’s very rare you see that amount of EAAs per serving, and this would also be the first time we’ve seen 10g of EAAs mixed in with the common testosterone ingredient DAA as well as everything else it has in there.

According to Vince’s Muscle Shop, Old Man’s Tune-Up will be hitting its shelves in a few weeks’ time. We don’t know what flavors the amino-based formula will have, if any; however, we do know it’ll cost you $45 each with the usual 30 servings per tub.