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Vince’s Muscle Shop has put together a spin-off of its test booster for women over 40

Vinces Muscle Shop Cougar Cocktail

Retailer and now extensive brand Vince’s Muscle Shop has expanded its selection of sports nutrition supplements once again to go alongside its handful of other items like the pre-workout Live Strong Live Free and the testosterone booster Old Man’s Tune Up. Cougar Cocktail is its latest innovation, and it is indeed a product specifically designed for women, intended to be a female alternative to Old Man’s Tune Up, although the ingredients and benefits in this one are different.

The goal of Cougar Cocktail is to support hormone health and balance, as Vince’s Muscle Shop puts it, to have you feeling young again; a similar goal or at least the end result of Old Man’s Tune-up. The brand has added a few other components to the supplement to make for a more comprehensive experience, including immune health boosters to have you feeling prepared and protected, support for muscle strength and power, joint health, and ingredients to further energy and endurance.

Vinces Muscle Shop Cougar Cocktail Label

You can see the complete label for Vince’s Muscle Shop Cougar Cocktail in the facts panel above, including a lengthy list of highlights. In each of the 11.4g powder servings, you get 750mg of creatine HCl for the strength benefits, 400mg of the incredibly well-studied KSM-66 Ashwagandha, and 150mg of elevATP to help drive performance. For joint support, there is hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, NAC, and glutathione for immunity, and for the hormone portion of Cougar Cocktail, Vince’s Muscle Shop has tribulus, mucuna pruriens, maca, and a healthy 50mg hit of DHEA.

Vince’s Muscle Shop is looking to launch Cougar Cocktail in the very near future, and again, it has been purposely built as a women’s alternative to the retailer and brand’s testosterone booster Old Man’s Tune Up. As per usual, when the product is done, delivered, and ready to purchase, you’ll be able to pick it up from Vince’s Muscle Shop itself in Columbus, Ohio, and there is a good chance it’ll be good to go in time for the Arnold Sports Festival, which takes place ten minutes down the road.