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Protein Break Bar Review: An unbelievable candy bar like experience

Novo Nutrition’s Protein Break Bar is a snack size, chocolate coated wafer bar that packs a small dose of protein. You can’t really compare it to a typical protein bar; it’s more of an alternative to a sugar loaded candy bar with less than a gram of sugar and only 113 calories per pack.

After enjoying Novo Nutrition’s higher protein wafer bar, we knew we had to get the Protein Break Bar in for review. Fortunately, we managed to get a hold of a handful of them, and not too surprisingly Novo has once again delivered another incredibly delicious product.

protein break bar review


The main reason you’ll want to look at the Protein Break Bar as an alternative to a typical sugar loaded candy bar, is because that is actually the closest thing you can compare it to in terms of flavor. Novo’s latest innovation tastes like something with significantly more sugar than it has on its label, a lot like two Kit Kat sticks.

As soon as you bite into the snack, you get hit with an incredibly sweet and rich chocolate flavor. It is that flavor that has you instantly thinking you’re eating a real chocolate bar, although as mentioned, a full pack has less than a gram of sugar, or 900mg to be exact.

protein break bar review

The rich and lasting chocolate flavor doesn’t actually fade either. As you complete a bite and get a chunk of the bar’s wafer center, you’ll have trouble not tasting that initial sweet chocolate. It is that incredibly enjoyable and consistent flavor that makes the product feel so much like a candy bar and also makes it very difficult to eat just the one pack.


Novo Nutrition’s Protein Break Bar delivers just as we had hoped, with an unforgettable candy bar like experience. The overall flavor is unbelievably close to the real thing, and something you’ll definitely want a stash of in your cupboard if you have a sweet tooth and occasionally like to treat yourself to something you shouldn’t.

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