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RSP Nutrition squeezes around 1,200 calories into its new TrueGain


RSP Nutrition is back in the headlines this week with details of another entirely new supplement called TrueGain. Unlike the last couple of new products we saw from the brand in Whey and Protein Brownie, at the moment TrueGain doesn’t appear to be as widely available.

The all-new TrueGain from RSP Nutrition is a mass gainer, built to help you get in a massive amount of calories in a more convenient shake form. Based on its nutritional profile, we’d definitely consider the product to be one of your more bigger gainers, as its calorie count is well over 1,000 per serving.

Packed into each of RSP Nutrition’s hefty 313g TrueGain servings is 50g of protein from a blend of sources including milk concentrate, and whey concentrate and isolate. Following on from the protein is a much heavier 238g of carbohydrates with 27g of that sugar, a low 5g of fat (2.5g saturated), and a total of 1,190 calories.


As mentioned, RSP Nutrition TrueGain does not appear to be available in all the usual places. You can find it in a number of locations in India, however, in the US we can only manage to find it on the brand’s own online store at

Through RSP Nutrition’s website, its all-new gainer will cost you $35.99 for a 6lb eight serving tub, and $54.99 for the more cost-effective 12lb, 16 serving bag. Both sizes have the same flavor options available with two traditional tastes to choose from in Chocolate and Vanilla.