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Axe and Sledge’s powder supplements have arrived in Australia

axe and sledge in australia

Seth Feroce’s supplement company Axe and Sledge, which is still a very new brand after launching only a couple of months ago in June. Continues to grow this month and has now expanded its availability beyond the US, all the way down under to Australia.

The major supplement retailer Massive Joes is the place to go to get Axe and Sledge in the country. The store is listing all of the brand’s powder products which includes its pre-workout Ignition Switch, the pump pre-workout Fuel Pump, the amino The Grind, and the carb formula Demo Day.

Based on all of the facts panels Massive Joes is listing on its website, none of the supplement’s formulas have been altered for Australia. The only experience Axe and Sledge fans down under will be missing out on is the brand’s fat burner Double Time.