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Upcoming Kaged Muscle supplement featuring sustained release CarnoSyn

kaged muscle sr carnosyn

Kris Gethin’s supplement company Kaged Muscle, is launching a new product called SR CarnoSyn. As per its title, the upcoming supplement features a different version of the branded CarnoSyn beta-alanine with SR CarnoSyn, which is a sustained released beta-alanine.

The newer SR CarnoSyn comes with a number of benefits compared to the original, instant release version. It is designed to comfortably deliver higher levels of beta-alanine, as well as stay in the body longer for extended absorption and increase muscle carnosine levels for better performance.

You can read more about the sustained release beta-alanine at and expect to see Kaged Muscle’s SR CarnoSyn available soon in a 120 tablet bottle. We don’t yet know how much beta-alanine you get per serving, but it is said that you can take the product by itself or stacked with other Kaged supplements.