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Bang Energy previewed in a mysterious silver and purple flavor

silver  purple bang energy drink

While VPX Sports did just release its long-awaited and rather creative Rainbow Unicorn flavor, for its Bang Energy drink. The brand still has a couple of other flavors coming soon that were previously previewed and have yet to be named.

Those two Bang Energy flavors are the mysterious, split colored purple and pink can, and the creamy colored, possibly Iced Coffee Bang pictured back in June. This week VPX has gone and dropped a preview of another new flavor that it has coming soon, that has also not been named.

white purple bang energy drink

You can see the teaser for the third upcoming Bang Energy drink pictured above featuring a silver main body with purple accents, graphics, and text. The product is actually colored the same as the mystery Bang Energy shot VPX previewed last week, suggesting they’re probably the same flavor.

Just like with the unnamed Bang Energy shot, we don’t have any idea on what VPX Sports’ silver and purple Bang Energy drink could be. If we had to take a guess we’d say it probably has “Purple” in its name as that is the case with the other purple Bangs, Purple Haze and Purple Guava Pear.

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