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Elite Labs True Creatine 6 brings together six different forms of creatine

true creatine 6

Previously, we knew that Elite Labs had two entirely new supplements coming soon with True BCAA and the long-awaited True Amino+. This week the brand has launched both of those products as well as an all-new, muscle size and strength, creatine based formula called True Creatine 6.

The new Elite Labs supplement gets its name from featuring six different forms of creatine for a combined total of 5.5g of creatine per serving. The exact breakdown of that 5.5g is a gram each of creatine HCl and monohydrate, 1.5g of creatine anhydrous, 750mg each of dicreatine malate and gluconate, and lastly, half a gram of creatine Magnapower.

true creatine 6

Elite Labs True Creatine 6 is now available in the one Pineapple Mango flavor option with the usual 30 servings per tub. Like a lot of other creatine products these days, the brand directs users to take just one serving of True Creatine 6 on both training and non-training days.