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Amazon 4-Star is a new retail store only stocking items with 4 stars or more

amazon 4-star

Today Amazon has opened an all-new retail location, although it is not another one of its checkout free Amazon Go convenience stores. The company’s latest opening is actually its first Amazon 4-Star, which is a very different retail experience.

Amazon 4-Star is a physical retail store that stocks new and trending, and top-selling products from Amazon that have a rating on its website of four stars or more. The store’s selection includes a wide variety of items such as toys, books, and smart home devices like the Echo Spot and Fire TV Stick.

amazon 4-star

Amazon says “We created Amazon 4-star to be a place where customers can discover products they will love. Amazon 4-star’s selection is a direct reflection of our customers—what they’re buying and what they’re loving.”

The store’s products are on display alongside digital tags showing their regular price, Amazon Prime member price, star rating, and how many reviews they have. As of today, the average rating of all of the items in the first Amazon 4-Star is 4.4 stars.

The all-new Amazon 4-Star is located in New York City on 72 Spring Street between Crosby and Lafayette Streets. It is currently open from 10 AM through to 9 PM every day except on Sunday when the store closes an hour earlier.

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