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News Of The Week: Finaflex’s salmon protein and Inspired’s latest DVST8

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In the past few years, during the weeks leading up to the Mr. Olympia expo, the supplement industry always seems to be overwhelmed with news and excitement. This year it is no different, as this past week was filled with exciting unveilings and product launches, the biggest of which we’ve listed down below for our News Of The Week summary.

Introducing Nuts For Protein’s vegan protein made with nuts and seeds

Nuts For Protein is an all-new supplement company due to launch later this month and with a never-before-seen type product. The brand plans on hitting the market with just the one supplement; a vegan-friendly protein powder that’s uniquely made with nuts and seeds.

nuts for protein

Muscletech unveils the 21g formula behind its new pre-workout Vapor 1

Muscletech has finally unveiled its latest pre-workout competitor, Vapor 1. The all-new supplement comes packed with a fully transparent and loaded combination of ingredients including features to increase energy and focus, as well as improve performance and muscle pumps.

Inspired unveils its latest pre-workout, DVST8 White Diamond Reserve

Just months after launching a new version of its pre-workout DVST8, Inspired has introduced another new edition of the product called DVST8 White Diamond Reserve. The supplement promises to be even better than its predecessor and is now available for pre-order with shipping taking place later this month.

Olympus Labs is launching a unique protein powder with real cereal pieces

After being a major player in the supplement industry for a number of years, Olympus Labs is finally jumping into the competitive protein powder market. This week the brand took the covers off its first ever protein product with Superior Protein, which has real cereal pieces in its powder.

olympus labs superior protein

Introducing Finaflex’s incredibly unique salmon protein powder SPH-100

Finaflex introduced a supplement this week that it plans on launching soon and is unlike any product we’ve seen before. It is a protein formula, however, the unique part about it is that instead of being made with the usual whey, milk or casein protein sources, it is a salmon powered protein powder.

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