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Axe and Sledge unveils its natural testosterone booster ManPower

axe and sledge manpower

At the end of this week, Seth Feroce’s supplement brand Axe and Sledge is launching a testosterone boosting muscle builder. The product is called ManPower and just like the many other supplements in its lineup; it features a pretty comprehensive formula bringing together nine main ingredients.

Axe and Sledge’s ManPower is a completely natural product primarily designed to increase testosterone levels and help with body recomposition. Other effects the brand promotes for the upcoming supplement include enhanced lean muscle mass and libido, boosted endurance and stamina, and increased power and strength.

axe and sledge manpower

As for the ingredients Axe and Sledge has loaded into ManPower, there is a total of nine, which are all squeezed into a three capsule serving. You can see the list of features in the product in the label above with highlights like 300mg of the branded TestoSurge fenugreek, 50mg of laxogenin, and black pepper to enhance absorption of everything.

As mentioned, Axe and Sledge plans on launching ManPower this coming Friday over on its online store at We’re not sure on what price it’ll be available for, but it will have enough capsules in each bottle to last you the usual 30 days.