Barebells isn’t quite done with Christmas releases just yet

barebells christmas ice cream

It turns out our favorite functional food company, the Sweden based Barebells, isn’t quite done with its special edition products for the holiday season. It was only a couple of days ago that the brand unveiled its limited edition protein bar flavor with the star-sprinkled Mint Dark Chocolate.

Barebells has now shared a teaser image of yet another Christmas themed product that is due to be revealed sometime soon. The picture makes it look like we’re in for a limited edition flavor of the brand’s still very new Protein Ice Cream, or maybe even its Protein Pudding.

As per usual, we’re certainly excited to see what the team over at Barebells has come up with. Seeing as there aren’t any clues available, we’re not taking any guesses at what it might be, although we have to assume the product has some sort of Christmas theme to it.

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