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Keto-friendly X50 Revolver is getting a Hazelnut Mocha flavor

hazelnut mocha X50 Revolver

The Australian supplement company Tribeca Health, has introduced an all-new flavor for its keto-friendly formula, X50 Revolver. The brand launched that product earlier this year which is the combination of instant coffee, MCT oil for natural fuel, and hydrolyzed collagen.

Tribeca has now announced that it’s put together an all-new flavor for X50 Revolver, as previously it was only available in the one original coffee option. The new addition confirmed as coming soon to the supplement is the slightly sweeter sounding Hazelnut Mocha.

According to Tribeca, fans in Australia can expect to see Hazelnut Mocha X50 Revolver online and in stores sometime very soon in its usual 20 serving tub size.

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