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Mountain Joe’s White Chocolate Review: An even better rocky road like bar

mountain joes white chocolate review

Just yesterday Mountain Joe’s announced an all-new limited edition flavor for its delicious rocky road style protein bar. That new flavor is White Chocolate which features the product’s usual 16g of protein per bar and is due to launch in a couple of weeks’ time on Halloween.

Despite Mountain Joe’s White Chocolate having a release two weeks away from now, we’ve actually managed to get our hands on it for an early review. It was also only a few weeks ago that we tried the UK brand’s three original rocky road protein bars, all of which made for quite a different experience.

mountain joes white chocolate review


Mountain Joe’s White Chocolate is without a doubt the best flavor the brand has put together for its rocky road style protein bar. The product is not just a white chocolate version of its classic flavor, it is essentially a new and improved experience that makes the unique bar even better than it already was.

The taste of the white chocolate in Mountain Joe’s limited edition protein bar is much sweeter than any of the three milk chocolate originals. It’s not just an initial hit of chocolate, it actually lingers long after you bite into it, and you can taste it mixed in with all of the crunchy and crispy pieces.

mountain joes white chocolate review

On top of the stronger and sweeter chocolate, the Mountain Joe’s White Chocolate protein bar is packed full of marshmallows, more so than any of the other flavors. There also appear to be raspberries thrown in, which combined with everything else creates a real rocky road experience with varying flavors and consistencies.


Mountain Joe’s already impressed us with its first three rocky road style protein bars, our favorite of those three being Caramello. The limited edition White Chocolate easily raises the bar and is something we can only hope the UK based brand decides to keep around or at least expands on in some way.

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