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Amazon brand OWN PWR gets three new straightforward supplements

The sports nutrition brand OWN PWR from Amazon, that only just launched back in August, has expanded its lineup of supplements this week to a total of 12. In that initial launch, OWN PWR introduced nine different products including essentials like Micronized BCAA, and more complex supplements like Protein Blend.

The Amazon brand OWN PWR has now added three more supplements to its family, all of which are a part of its regular, silver-colored series. The new releases are also all pretty straightforward products with each one explaining most of what it is right in its name.

own pwr carnitine

OWN PWR’s latest supplements are L-Carnitine Tartrate featuring half a gram of its title ingredient per capsule, Green Tea Extract, also featuring half a gram of its title ingredient. Then lastly, the vitamin and mineral formula Men’s Multi, designed to help with the maintenance of good health.

All three of the new OWN PWR products are now in stock over on Amazon, and as confirmed earlier this week, the brand is no longer invitation only. The prices on the supplements are $11.99 for Green Tea Extract, $13.99 and $18.99 for L-Carnitine Tartrate’s 90 and 180 capsule sizes, and $19.99 for Men’s Multi.