GIFD Labs packs four features into PREmosine for muscular energy

Oct 25th, 2018

Jerry Ward’s GIFD Labs pre-workout supplement PREmosine has finally arrived, and as expected, it is not like others in the competitive category. We’d actually go as far as saying that PREmosine is more of a creatine product than a pre-workout purely because of what the brand has packed into it.

The facts panel for PREmosine has yet to be revealed however GIFD Labs has confirmed the supplement’s main ingredients. The product packs a stimulant free combination of four features to help provide muscular energy for your workout and increase your ability to build muscle.

The four ingredients confirmed for PREmosine are creatine monohydrate, inosine, carbohydrates, and calcium pyruvate which is also in the brand’s fat burner BMR-4. The only ingredient out of those four that we know the dose of is the carbohydrates at a total of 10g per serving.

With the mix of ingredients in PREmosine, you can see why we feel it’s more of a creatine supplement or at least a pre-workout creatine. It is however classed as a pre-workout as GIFD Labs is promoting it as one, and the product is intended to be taken before you start your workout.

You can now purchase PREmosine over on the GIFD Labs website by itself or in a stack with the brand’s post-workout Perfect Post Elite. By itself the supplement will cost you $38.99, and combined with Perfect Post Elite it’ll be $71 which is a saving of $8 compared to buying the two items separately.