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Black Magic Supply also has a muscle building formula called Duragains

black magic duragains

Over the past couple of days details have been released on two products that are launching soon from the MyoBlox spin-off brand, Black Magic Supply. We seen everything you need to know about the brand’s pre-workout BZRK and its amino Keyz, however, there is actually one other item on the way from Black Magic.

The other supplement in the Black Magic Supply lineup is a muscle building supplement called DuraGains. It features a 1-DHEA blend formula that’s essentially identical to Steel Supplements’ 1-Andro with a 65mg blend of 1 androstene-3b-ol, 17-one, 17-one undecanoate, and 17-one caprylate in each tablet.

black magic duragains

Black Magic Supply plans on making Duragains as well as its other products BZRK and Keyz, available to order to supplement retailers this Wednesday. Unlike the other two items, Duragains is capsule formula so it doesn’t have any flavors to choose from and comes in the one 60 tablet bottle size.