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Olympus Labs revamps its logo, branding, marketing and online store

olympus labs rebrand

In line with its massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, the latter of which has actually been extended through until the end of today. Olympus Labs has rebranded itself with a new logo, an updated and more efficient online store, and a new marketing theme that can be seen all over social media as well as its updated website.

The new Olympus Labs logo brings more of an urban, casual feel compared to the previous one, with the website also reflecting that in terms of a smooth, spacious, and stylish layout and design. As for the new marketing theme, the brand has provided a few words explaining what that’s all about.

“Olympus Labs – Where Heroes are born. We believe that everybody has a story, and that every story has a hero. You are the hero of your story, so what’s your story? Olympus Labs supplements are designed to fuel your story and ultimately help you discover your inner-hero. All our products utilize handmade artwork symbolic to the products purpose as a method of storytelling.”

You can get a good look at the majority of Olympus Labs’ changes over on its revamped website at Through there you can see its all-new logo along with the updated online store and marketing theme, which as mentioned can also be seen throughout the brand’s social media.

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