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Xtend becomes more of a brand than a series of supplements

scivation xtend

You may have noticed in yesterday’s unveilings of the new Xtend Original and Xtend Pro, there was little mention of Scivation. Scivation is of course the original brand behind the widely available Xtend and responsible for a number of other supplements such as Flexatril and the pre-workout Quake.

We’ve since reached out to the brand for a bit of an explanation as to why we’re seeing more Xtend and less Scivation with the new products. Basically, moving forward, Xtend is going to be pushed more as a brand rather than a family of supplements from Scivation.

You can already see the transition over on the Scivation website as well as the Scivation Instagram page. The home page over at is now welcomed and headered with the Xtend logo and on Instagram the brand’s account name has been switched from @scivation to @xtend.

All of these developments do in fact match up perfectly with what Scivation was teasing and hyping for Xtend, last week. The new Xtend logo that was unveiled now makes a lot more sense, as mentioned, Xtend is being pushed more as a brand so it does, of course, need its own logo.

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