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ThermoLife files lawsuits against A1 Supplements and

thermolife lawsuit

ThermoLife International, the company behind the NO3-T nitrates you see in a number of effective supplements on the market, has filed lawsuits against A1 Supplements and The suits revolve around the retailers falsely advertising and selling hundreds of misbranded, adulterated, and illegal products.

ThermoLife’s Complaint includes over 60 pages of detailed factual findings, explaining in great detail how the FDA has already declared that hundreds of products sold by A1 Supplements and contain ingredients that are illegal and unsafe drugs, not legal in Dietary Supplements.

You can see the full press release from ThermoLife International about the A1 Supplements and lawsuits at The release goes into a lot more detail about ThermoLife’s complaints including the fact that it names over 275 products that use ingredients the FDA has determined as not legal.

For those interested in the complaints themselves, you can find those linked here; ThermoLife vs A1 Supplements and ThermoLife vs NetNutri.

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