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NO3-T innovator ThermoLife expanding its portfolio with tingle-free beta-alanine and more

Thermolife Portfolio Expansion 1

ThermoLife is the company behind the reputable NO3-T nitrates ingredients you now see in many pre-workouts on the market, including supplements from the likes of BSN, Glaxon, Apollon, Ghost, and, of course, Cellucor and its family of C4 products. Moving forward, ThermoLife is looking to expand its catalog beyond the selection of nitrate ingredients it built its name on.

The ingredient company is expanding its portfolio with the likes of straight citrulline, found in the majority of pre-workouts and dedicated pump supplements, and the endurance-supporting beta-alanine. ThermoLife is also adding another premium compound to its lineup with the newly patented n-acetyl beta-alanine, which comes with the exciting attribute of being a tingle-free beta-alanine.

As mentioned, the many different NO3-T nitrate ingredients can be found in several supplements throughout the industry, whether we’re talking creatine nitrate, betaine nitrate, arginine nitrate, or the less common potassium nitrate. ThermoLife has clearly worked with a mountain of brands in the 15 years it’s been supplying nitrates, giving good reason to expand its catalog and innovate with the likes of n-acetyl beta-alanine.

You may also remember a few years ago, it was reported that ThermoLife was working on an entirely new stimulant. We were fortunate enough to try it and found it to be incredibly effective, especially in the area of focus and clarity. That stimulant is now ready to go and should be making its way out into the world of supplements sometime next year alongside ThermoLife’s expansion.