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WG Nutrition previews Intra-Vol featuring 16g of amino acids


The up and coming WG Nutrition has announced that it is launching a third supplement at the beginning next month. The brand made quite the impression earlier in the year when it revealed and released its absolutely loaded stimulant free pre-workout, Syner-Vol.

The all-new product WG Nutrition has announced is an advanced amino acid formula named Intra-Vol. The brand has yet to reveal the full combination of ingredients behind the supplement but has shared some of its major highlights and named some of its features.

WG Nutrition’s upcoming Intra-Vol will feature a massive 16g of aminos including BCAAs and EAAs, as well as 13.5g of hydrolyzed whey protein. Just like Syner-Vol, Intra-Vol will also be loaded with branded ingredients including Pepform peptides, Carnipure carnitine, Aminoblast technology, and the Amino9 EAA blend.

As mentioned, WG Nutrition plans on launching its promising amino acid product Intra-Vol, in just four weeks’ time at the start of next month. It is actually due to arrive one to two weeks after the brand’s still yet to be released fat burner Thermo9.

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