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Forest Fruit joins Barebells’ delicious protein RTD Milkshake menu

barebells forest fruit milkshake

Barebells, the maker of our number one rated protein bar in the world, is at it again this week with another new flavor for a current product. This time around the Sweden based functional food brand is introducing another option for its delicious, high protein RTD, Milkshake.

The last time we saw Barebells add to Milkshake was in the middle of last year when it launched a limited edition Peach Passion flavor, which eventually became a permanent option. The all-new flavor announced this week is the fresh forest berry recipe, Forest Fruit.

Just like all of Barebells’ other Milkshake flavors, the new Forest Fruit is lactose-free, features 24g of protein per bottle, and it has no added sugar. The product’s other major macros include 4.6g of fat with 3g of that saturated, 12g of carbohydrates, and 188 calories.

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